Children's 3-Ply Level 3 Disposable Face Mask
(Blue Only)
(Box of 10)

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With every purchase of the Children’s 3-Ply Masks, 3 masks are donated to the relief efforts of World Vision to help keep those less fortunate both safe and healthy!


Manufactured in Canada, the Dent-X 3-Ply Level 3 Children’s Face Mask is soft, comfortable and made without latex or glass fibres.


The mask is designed to resist moderate fluid splashes while maintaining breathability. The highly efficient 3-ply design can filter or trap all common bacteria and particles found in the air. Provides respiratory protection against certain airborne particles.


Product Features:

  • Pleated 3 layer design
  • Soft lined, water resistant, non-woven material
  • Latex and fibreglass free
  • Integrated, adjustable nose piece for customizable fit
  • Flexible, high-quality elastic ear loops for optimal comfort
  • Materials: Polypropylene, non-woven fabric
  • Measurements: 15.24cm x 8.89cm
  • 10 MASKS / BOX
  • Compact box size to easily place in your child's backpack
                       Price listed is per box
Children's 3-Ply Level 3 Disposable Face Mask </br>(Blue Only) </br> (Box of 10)